The BOM Creation

The BOM! is a mobile beauty business, the brainchild of Alistair and Beverley Midgley-McDonald . The couple have had a vision for years that they wanted to use their franchise model, already successful in another industry, and apply it to the beauty industry which they were passionate about.

Alistair spent his early years travelling with his mum June, who was a high class mobile Chanel Beautician. He watched engrossed as his Mother transformed her clients and filled them with confidence. She was a perfect professional and her ladies stayed with her until well into her 70’s. As a homage to his Mother and her fabulous business, Alistair has always wanted to be involved with exclusive women’s beauty.

Beverley has always adored the beauty industry and in particular takes inspiration from the 1950’s glamour. As a young girl Beverley was always fascinated with make-up and skincare . Her first job was as a management trainee working in a department store. There she fell in love with iconic brands like Lancome, Chanel and Dior, learning from an early age about beauty and skincare. A creative individual, Beverley always wanted to apply her beauty skills to business .

Years later after 9 years developing a hugely successful franchise, Beverley and Alistair have been able to apply their skills to their passion.

Identity – You Are Our VIP

Creating a spa feel in the home of their clients was the vision the BOM team had. Exclusive, high quality Beauty from tip to toe is the real deal for The BOM! A luxury experience for clients on the go, who find it hard to make the opening hours of their local salons. The BOM beauty on the Move will go to their clients and create a spa in the home, at a time to suit.

BOM creates a relaxed atmosphere where you can unwind and be our priority. Our exclusive products, candles, and music will help you relax in the privacy of your home. A complimentary glass of something bubbly, and some of our Belgian chocolates are just some of the things you might expect to receive during our treatments.